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Basaltic magma also intercepted shallow ground water, which led to substantial hydrothermal explosions. The explosions shattered underlying volcanic and sedimentary rocks and then showered the fragments across the landscape. The resulting tephra blanket, as thick as 20 m (65 ft) near the field's central crater complex, thins abruptly toward the margin of the lava field. One of the smaller explosion craters hosts a shallow pond. Coring of this pond in the 1970s yielded a 15-m-thick (50-ft-thick) sequence of sedimentary beds that date back nearly 6,000 years from which has come a rich history of the region's paleobotany and fluctuations in water-table elevation.

Diamond Age - Broken WorldDiamond Age - Broken WorldDiamond Age - Broken WorldDiamond Age - Broken World