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In the West we believe that our permissive liberal democracy is among our greatest achievements and the high water mark of government. We think it is the ultimate evolution of society. Democracy sits on a pedestal. It must never be criticised because we mistakenly conflate democracy with freedom. The progressive belief is that the fundamental nature of democracy is sacred and must never be changed or tinkered with, but the same people who tell us this also say we still have work to do to achieve full social equality and fairness. We’ve been befuddled into this ridiculous belief that extending a say in the running of our countries to every single person, no matter how stupid they may be, or how little investment they hold in the future of the nation, is in the best interests of our nation and everybody within it. The modern age has carried us to the perverse situation where being critical of democracy is considered treasonous, and true patriotism, a love of your nation and its people is labelled as hatred.

Cologne Cyclez - Illegal Loopz #4